Dispill Packaging

Finally, an Effective Way  
 to Maintain Treatment

Recent studies show that 50% of people do not take their medication properly and 10% of hospitalizations are caused by this.

DISPILL, therefore, becomes an important partner to the health care system. It enables better use of prescribed medication and at the same time reduces the costs of treatment and hospitalization.


No Handling Required!   

The DISPILL blister packs are prepared and cold-sealed by the pharmacist, then given directly to the patients safely sealed, with no other risky handling. Nursing homes no longer have to worry about the responsibility of preparing medication.







Simple and Hygienic! 

The DISPILL blister pack contains a full week’s medication divided into 28 blisters corresponding to four doses per day. The patient’s complete pharmaceutical profile is printed on the label.

Since they are not reusable, the blisters are always clean.


Practical and Detachable! 

All of the blisters are detachable, transparent, and identified with the patient’s name, file number, prescription, and date and time to take the pills. DISPILL enables patients to conveniently bring their pills with them wherever they go so they can take them at the right time.